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Moto-round 2007 - "Salonica, Thassos and




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What was the plan for the day:

• Sofia - Dupnitza - Blagoevgrad - Kresna defile

• Kulata - Serres - Salonica - Camping "Perea"


What does really happen:

In hard work, riding a bike, sweet conversations and remembrances, passed a year from Motor-round 2006 ("Rodopa Mountain, the Seaside and backward"). Participants in it, Slavcho and me, were categorical that we will shake our asses on the bikes this year as well. For the purpose Slavcho bought a great, almost new BMW F650 Strada and I put in order my Honda Transalp. I  equipped it with crash bars and kind of sidecases. Dilianka nad Plamen were infected by our enthusiasm and they wish to participate us. Plamen is my long standing friend and ex-colleague. He doesn't have a bike yet, but afrer this adventure it is a time issue only to solve this injustice. We all acquiesce he to travel with car this time. It isn't too Moto, but the most important thing is to have a lot of fun. We made a plan, take the money and let's go. The object of our voyage this year is North Greece. Greece is the motherland of the first traveler in the world - Odysseus. It was interesting to feel the spirit of travelling some milleniums later. Unfortunately my friend Slavcho was impedet in last moment by work engagements. He was constrained to join us later.


Dayly trip Map >

All we were working previous day, so we decide to start out trip at 14:00. Of course we were not able to do it on time. The start bell ring much later.


We were expected to hurry in case we want to reach Salonica before the dusk. With few words: There wasn't time for making pictures.


The heat was gruesome! It were the most hot days from the beginning of the year. The temperature high above the rate for the season. The air doesn't move at all. Even moving fast with the motorbike it is horrible. the air conditioner can't succeed to cool enough our companion in the car. Our way stratch South. More and more fiery waves came after every turn. Our relatives watched the news from Greece where the people collapse by the heat shock in large numbers. They call us and advise to stop this  adventure.

Half-alive we reach METRO Cash and Carry shop in Blagoevgrad.


There in the shop was air conditioned. What a happiness! We bought canned food, umbrellas, plastic cups, plates and whatever we sow.


In this weather conditions it was impossible to ride with full equipment anymore. The jackets were undressed and we obtain a new strange biker vision.


Our hope to find a little bit coolest place in the Kresna defile was only a dream. This is a my tradition to stop here every time. Good memories of cold beer and nice bulgarian songs from macedonia keep the tradition alive. Something more, the neighborhood area is fascinating.


The heat crushed us, but we still had the consolation from the emollient warbling of the river Struma right below.


We eaten worried by the delay. Unpleasantness caused by time lack, which tormented us last days, was still here. This was the reason to decide tonight to sleep in beautiful Bulgarian town Sandanski and tomorrow to continue trip according to our schedule.


Sandanski is a town which I love so much. It is a pleasure to visit it always. We found an apartment with air condition, a garrage for a bike and cutter the luggage. The last thing I can do perfectly.


The trip in the lovely park and vivid main street with it's abundance of resturants and cafés is an amusement.


We tried variegated ice cream and finally sit to one night-club next to the river. Here scarcely began to feel a little freshness.


The bar offers ice beer served in tankard kept in the frig. It seems this is a tradition in the area tankard to be kept there. The combination was like a ointment for our burned throats. It wasn't possible to leave a place like this, so we stay there until the late evening.


This was the first day filled with tension before start, fiery heat and ice beer. During it nothing special happens, but don't give up, the main part is coming in:


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Daily trip

Sofia - Sandanski - 166 km

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