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Moto-round 2007 - "Salonica, Thassos and





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What was the plan for the day:

Sandanski - Kulata - Serres

• Salonica - Perea


What does really happen:

Daily trip map >

Bewitching conversations last night made a good effect. In spite of coming heat we woke up late. Our hostess explained where to find tasty breakfast. It was a place where banitza was made.  Banitza it is a traditional, bulgarian, doughy specialty. It is a typical meal for the region. The air tremble of the heat.


The border was too easy to pass. Why this guys still compel us to stand up from the bikes and to take the helmets down. Bulgaria is a part of European Union and  practically we are one country with Greece. In this moment I remember the excursion we made with Slavcho four years ago. Then we wait for 12 hours to cross the same border. It is nice to be European!


The greece air was nicely to breath. After a short rest we take the dilapidated road to Serres. I told 'dilapidated', but it is not issue of bad support. Four years ago it was a perfect one. The reason for bad condition is flooding. Struma river deluged on the area in last spring. Now a new way, new bridges etc. are built on the highest places.


Somebody told us that greek people don't like to work in weekends, but we were really surprised to realize that most Gas stations are closed too. Be careful with this fact to avoid unpleasant situations. I didn't fill petrol in Bulgaria because I was in Greece 6 days earlier and new that the petrol is cheaper there at the moment. We reached open gas station when I was deeply in the reserve. We pass around Serres without stopping.

It was interesting for us if the greek camping is as good as looks in the booklet.


Plamen lead the group confidently. Following the signs we found the town of Perea in the outskirts of Salonica. Close to Salonica's airport there was a gas station. In it's court was "parked" a plane.


To produce airplane models was my beloved occupation in the childhood. I identified the fighter immediately: F-86 Siber. This plane is a twin of russian MiG-15. Both they were created on the base of German Messerschmitt P-1101, which was ordered by Luftwaffe and designed in year 1944. Planes F-86 Siber and MiG-15 were fighting against each other in the Korean war in 1950's. The owner of the gas station save a legend. Bravo! Unfortunately the place was closed and it was not possible to congratulate him.


Accidentally we found police office of the town. The policemen were too kind to explain us how to find Camping "Perea". It was a bad joke of the destiny that the camping was closed. Only camping's beach was open, but nothing else. Nobody was able to explain why is the camping closed. The tourist season in Greece began two months ago. We were confused.


In this place I realized what is a "biker's complexion". What a funny coloration. It was final time to use some sun oil.

We continue forward following narrow way next to the sea. Our hope was to reach some other camping place. Small and curious villages and country houses round the road. We stopped several times to ask people for information and we received same answer: "Go ahead. The camping is 3 kilometers away." After few hours and more than 60 kilometers we found that 3 km. in Greece is a looooong distance. Be careful! I suppose this is a polite answer when somebody don't know the correct information you need. In such a tangled situations the fortune usually gives a hand to you. We stopped on a gas station and there we met a bulgarian guy who is working in Greece for 8 years. He placed some phone calls and finally told us that there is no one working camping at the area. He redirect us to Nea Kallikratia.


Nea Kallikratia is a nice small town near the sea. It is 30 km away from Salonica fallowing the highway to Chalkidikis. Camping "Nea Kallikratia" is just magnificent. Firstly when we passed around it I sow the white fences, the palm-trees, the alleys and the swimming pool and I decided it is a expensive hotel. It was a nice surprise to read on the sign-board "Camping Nea Kallikratia".


Service rooms were perfectly clear. There were rooms for cocking, washing, a shop with cold drinks, a night bar and a restaurant. The swimming pool was big and the water was hot. A lot of naked people scud everywhere riding any kind of two wheel machines. In the whole area are build small good-looking villas. Here we finally felt that it is a holyday. Stretching the tents for the first time wasn't a challenge. It was a pleasure. We had our own court in the beach of the sea and all our neighbors were on holyday too. What a paradise! 


We knock the spikes intensively because we desire to test the the beach as soon as possible.


Everything was done. The camp was in order. We parked the vehicles and sit down to have a little rest. It was late afternoon. A time for the beach.


Although the sunset was close we open new umbrellas. The sea bottom have a lot of stones, but the sand was fine.  


The day stepped back slowly and a light wind came from the sea. Nobody wanted to leave such a nice place neither we neither other noisy companies around.


The night squat. After a dinner we made a small walk in the camping.


Beautiful place! This is the best Camping we visited. Everybody have some special tools to make the place magic. Veils, candles, lanterns, weathercocks and any lights in different colors. It looked like a unofficial competition for camping design was announced. A real tale!


Everything is like brought from the Miracle land.


The park deserves a five star hotel.


The swimming pool. Behind it is the sea.


Tired but pleased we had our rest on the lounges. It was strange for us that this morning we was in Bulgaria, and now we are part of Mediterranean tourist crowd. We felt like we was here from a week.


This was the second day of our journey filled with petrol embarrassment, aimless driving round, more fiery heat, fresh beach and a magic camping. We began to feel holyday spirit but we was still little bit worried. It going to be more interesting in:


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Daily trip

Sandanski - Nea Kallikratia - 183km


Camping "N.Kallikratia"

tel. +30 23990-23871


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